What is EQ?

"The World Economic Forum has found that emotional intelligence is a key factor for success. This means understanding how your emotions influence the way you think and act."

EQ, emotional quotient, or emotional intelligence is a secret ingredient to success in all aspects of life. It's the ability not only recognize your emotions but also use them for self-awareness and growth. EQ skills helps us to build self awareness, so we won't be derailed by anger. Learn how to change your relationship with anger. High EQ improves the quality of our lives, whether it is developing self awareness and clarifying our values or recognizing our triggers and responding to tricky, difficult and anger provoking situations effectively. EQ it’s the foundation for success in your career and life.

EQ the new IQ.

The real differentiator in success whether it in your career or in your life isn't IQ, it's EQ.

  • EQ is the new IQ. It's emotional intelligence that will determine how successful you are in life, work and your relationships.

  • Most people have no idea what emotional intelligence (EQ) is or why it matters so much more than a high IQ score. And if they do know about EQ, they don't know how to build it up beyond their basic personality traits of optimism and empathy. But with the EQ Learning Centre programs you can learn to improve your self-awareness, respond to your emotions better, understand other people's behaviour better and create positive change in yourself and others around you.

  • The EQ Learning Centre programs teach you mindfulness skills like meditation as well as practical tools for building stronger relationships at home and at work based on compassion instead of conflict avoidance or power struggles. I've helped thousands of clients learn EQ skills, helping them to stop struggling with anger, get their dream job, a promotion at work, or develop EQ skills to become a more effective leader and better partner.


What happy clients are saying

  • Harry, Senior Director

    "Ron's coaching, advice, and insight was invaluable as I navigated through this challenging period. Ron is a great professional and my respect level for him grew exponentially over the time we spent working together."

  • Murray, Senior Relationship Manager

    “Ron was very understanding and provided excellent guidance. Not only did he offer advice, he also provided a realistic assessment of the options and possibilities for me.”

  • Wanda, Senior Project Manager, PMP, P ENG, MBA

    “Ron is a professional, intelligent, and caring counsellor, able to handle difficult situations with the utmost respect and kindness. He has a natural ability to establish rapport and cultivate strong relationships. It has been a privilege and pleasure to learn from his seasoned expertise, and I would recommend his excellent consulting services.”

  • Steve, Financial Professional

    "Ron was not only professional and engaging, but he made the process very easy. He was able to assess my situation and offer feedback that assisted me in overcoming a certain personal hurdle. Ron also provided me with actionable steps I could take going forward on my own. Highly recommend his coaching services for those who want to grow through showing greater emotional intelligence."

How we can help you.

Your online EQ Learning Experience.

The EQ Learning Centre is designed to build emotional intelligence. It features online access anywhere, video skills coaching and supported learning modules that help you improve your self awareness in addition to social awareness - all leading towards better quality of life!

Counselling Services

Let me help you.

I provide counselling services to help you to achieve your life goals. I am a licensed counsellor with CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) certification and training. I work from a clinically proven CBT model to help you to develop skills to improve the quality of your life.

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