Social Media Literacy

  • 1

    Social Media Literacy: Introduction

    • EQ podcast Social Media Literacy

    • Social Media Literacy - Introduction

    • Social Media Literacy 2 - What is Social Media Literacy? Video

    • The Psychological Effects of Being Online

    • Social Media Literacy 5 – The Psychological Effects of Being Online

    • The Dopamine Rush and Social Media Addiction

    • Social Media Literacy 4 - Toxic Positivity in an Instagram Age

    • Social Media Literacy 6 - Six Things You Can Do to Reduce Doomscrolling

    • Digital Tribalsim

    • Social Media Literacy 7 - Social and Antisocial Behaviours Online

    • Social Media Literacy 8 - Social Media Literacy Players and Users

    • Social Media Literacy 9 - Conclusion


  • How does this program work?

    This is an online program you can access from your device anywhere.

  • How long do I have access to this program?

    You have access to this program for 4 months (120 days).

  • What will you learn about social media literacy?

    Social media can be tricky. This course will help you navigate the pitfalls. We will work on self-awareness and social awareness skills so that your posts are mindful of what matters most to everyone in life - values!

  • What are the learning outcomes of social media literacy?

    The goal of this program is to help you develop a social media literacy so that the information coming from online sources doesn't damage your reputation or well being. This literacy program promotes both effective strategies for using social media and mindfulness skills so you can make choices in how you respond to life online.

  • What will you learn about developing political awareness?

    This program will help you develop the skills to survey your political landscape, identify social capital and manage relationships. You'll also learn how EQ can give insights into interpersonal dynamics that are vital for professional success!

  • What are the outcomes of developing political awareness?

    The skills you will learn in this program include how to manage relationships at work, and more importantly develop your political awareness.